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For students and families looking for learning ideas and resources to use at home, please see below. †Please consult with teachers if you are looking for further recommendations and suggestions.†


Students†should read at home every day. Reading at home includes students reading independently, reading to family members, or listening to family members read to them.† Students can read all sorts of reading materials such as books, recipes, magazines, instructions, newspapers, and letters.†

We recommend that students read each day:
  • Grades K-1: 10-15 minutes
  • Grade 2: 15-20 minutes
  • Grade 3: 20-30 minutes
  • Grades 4-5: 25-35 minutes
  • Pleasurable reading (book, magazine, newspaper, online article)
  • Simple art project (finger paint, play dough, collage, you decide!)
  • Personal writing (daily journal, interview, poem, letter, song)
  • Physical activity (family walk, bike, scooter, snowboard, you name it!)
  • Real life MATH (problem solve, baking, practice your skills!)
  • Play a game (cards, board, chess, sudoku, checkers, you pick!)
  • Music or drama (instrument, sing, perform, create a skit, dance)
  • Hobby (collections, sewing, garden, photography, baking/cooking, caring for a pet - just make sure you are safe!)
  • Community service (help a friendly neighbor, visit a care center, donate time to help in the community - you can make a BIG difference!
Math Reading Writing
NCTM Illuminations Interactive Games - http://illuminations.nctm.org/Search.aspx?view=search&type=ac&gr=Pre-K-2

Build things.† As your child builds, ask them to count pieces, create patterns, and talk about the shapes.

Count stairs as you go up and down

Raz Kids- all Smith children can access this reading service for free. Ask your teacher for instructions.† Lots of books available to read for free.

Epic- $4.99 a month, more books at a cost. Available for Android and Apple devices.

School Library- Stop in and check out books with your child.

Fletcher Free Library

KidsVT- free newspaper available in many stores

Storyline Online - popular childrenís books read by members of the Screen Actorís Guild Foundation http://www.storylineonline.net/

Magazines, game instructions, letter or word search in signs throughout the community,
Make lists together, with drawings and/or written print

Two resources that promote inquiry and wonder.† A great starting point to engage children in conversation and for the incorporation of writing and drawing:



  • This is a web based math fact program and can be accessed anywhere. Xtramath is an easy way for students to practice multiplication facts and should take no longer than 10 minutes per day.
  • To practice multiplication facts at home your child can simply enter your childís teacherís email, your childís first name and PIN on the Xtramath website.
  • If you would like to create a parent account to monitor your childís progress, please contact your childís teacher.
  • Some students have mastered quick recall of their multiplication facts and have moved on to their division facts.
Link to Seanís Math Games Information Packet
Link to printable playing cards
Explore Math and Art!
  • 13 activities that connect math and the arts.
  • Great ways to get students involved in math through a colorful, visual, and stimulating lens.
Estimation Valley golf: play an online game where accurate estimation will get you closer to putting the golf ball in the hole
RAZ Kids or Reading A to Z
  • This is a web based reading program and can be accessed anywhere.
  • RAZ Kids has leveled books for students to read, listen to and even take quizzes to demonstrate their reading comprehension.
  • The RAZ Kids level does not correspond to the book leveling system we use in school, so you may notice that your childís RAZ Kids level is different. This program can be accessed via any web browser via www.kidsa-z.com or via the student links portion of the Smith website. The program also has a free iPad app.
  • If your child has forgotten his or her username and password, please contact your childís teacher.
Just read!
  • Families can have a Smith library family account and check books out!
  • Borrow books from your childís classroom.
7 Minute Writes:
  • You can choose to give a prompt or let it be a free write.
  • ďRulesĒ and Guidelines:
    • Keep your hand moving.† (Donít pause to reread the line you have just written.† Thatís stalling and trying to get control of what youíre saying.)
    • Donít cross out.† (That is editing as you write.† Even if you write something you didnít mean to write, leave it.)
    • Donít worry about spelling, punctuation, or grammar.† (Donít even care about staying within the margins and lines on the page.)
    • Lose control.
    • Donít think.† Donít get logical.
Land and Water


Parents Share Math Help Tips (NCTM)

About Math Education Today (NCTM)

Math Learning Center
The web home of the creators of our K-5 math program, Bridges. There are links to online games and activities, and information for parents.

Bedtime Math
Mission:†To make the nightly math problem as common as the bedtime story.

Vi Hart
Amazing videos and fun with math.

A Number of Things
Our Math Coach's blog about math education.

Math iPad apps
Favorites of the school district's math coaches.

Khan Academy
Go nuts! †Science too!